Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nymph Artorder Challenge

"Take this challenge and turn it into something useful for you. Strive to create a piece that fits into your portfolio. Take on the challenge, such that you learn some great lessons and propel your work to a new level. Don’t be meek. Take risks!"

With this statement I was challenged to tackle illustrating a nymph. And so I researched nymphs, finding nymphs everywhere, from the Faroe Islands where they were called Selkies to Japan where tree nymphs were called Kodama. After traveling around the world a few times I decided to return to Greece were the term "nymph" was originated. The following illustrates 3 different types of nymph; Oceanid - nymph of seas and oceans, ‪Eleionomae‬ - marsh naiad and the Asteriai - nymph of the stars. All three are watercolour and gouache on A3 sized 300gsm watercolour paper. Over the next couple of weeks I'll post the process it took to create these three images.

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