Friday, March 29, 2013

Jarith and Brandi Portrait

As I explained in my last post (Creative Couple Portrait - Joni and Jethro) I missed out on having my work accepted for a commission due to it's style not quite matching the current style used by the client.

So in a last ditch attempt I tried to loosen up a bit hoping that the style would match up. Having now finished it I think that though it is good I think I have yet again failed to match their established style.

Below you will see the progress of the painting from drawing to finished painting. As the client required a key colour to be included into the painting I added the colour in Adobe Illustrator using a coloured pattern in the background. The pattern is not fixed however and depending on if the client chooses to go ahead with the commission the colour element may change.

I have also included a sample of the clients other covers so you can see the established style. Here's a link to the clients website Urban Walkabout.

Hopefully this time the response from the client will be positive - fingers crossed!

By the way the commission was to create a cover illustration for a city guide. This painting is to represent Fremantle in Western Australia. If you want to know more about Fremantle (a great place for fish and chips, coffee, art and the beach) click here.

Watercolour, gouache and Adobe Illustrator.

Here's the other covers from Urban Walkabout

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Creative Couple Portrait - Joni and Jethro

I was recently given a commission to create an illustration for a local guide. They saw my painting of "Cody" and wanted me to do something similar. I had a week to come up with it, so with the sketch approved I worked on the painting over the weekend. I sent it off on Sunday night. Then today I got a call from the publisher... they decided the painting wasn't suitable for the style of the guide. Nevertheless I decided to share this painting and will be giving the couple the painting as a thank you. I hope you can enjoy it.

This was the initial sketch
I decided I wasn't happy with Jethro's pose (plus he looked like a dirty old man...) so I thought a cheeky look would be better

The Finished Painting

Monday, March 18, 2013

Asteria - Nymph Painting Process 3 of 3

Process 1 - The Thumbnails
Process 2 - Experiment 
Process 3 - Refinement of Ideas
Process 4 - Rough

These steps I skipped as I was painting this after having already painted 2 other nymph related paintings. You can see them here The Little Mermaid and The Water Thief.

Process 6 - Detailed Pencil Drawing

As you can see this image was not so tightly drawn as The Little Mermaid. I left the image simply drawn so that I could be a bit more free with the watercolour painting. Again I was deprived of a scanner so I had to use my digital camera to capture the various stages, please forgive me for the poor quality.

Process 7 - Painting Progress

Process 8 - The Finished Painting

Here's the finished painting as I submitted to the Artorder Nymph Challenge

I also did a more modest version of the above painting using my Wacom tablet and Photoshop (upon request from a viewer on facebook). It was pretty tricky trying to match the digital to the traditional, I think I did ok...

A few weeks later I decided to add some highlights in iridescent blue acrylic gouache, I was pretty happy with the result, but the only way to see the result is by angling the painting in the light. This brought back fond memories of my childhood when I used gold and glitter to paint unicorns, fairies and princesses.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Water Thief - Nymph Painting Process 2 of 3

The Water Thief

Process 1 - The Thumbnails
Process 2 - Experiment
Process 3 - Refinement of Ideas

To be honest I skipped these steps as I was inspired while working on the Little Mermaid

Process 4 - Rough

Process 5 - Cover Rough


Process 6 - Detailed Pencil Drawing

Unfortunately I didn't have access to a scanner at this point so I had to make do with my cheap digital camera and bad lighting... plus I forgot to take a photo of the detailed sketch so this image is the earliest capture I could get. As you can see, I originally painted the nymph as only clad in a leather thong.

Here are some progress shots. 

Process 7 - The Finished Painting

Process 8 - With Text Treatment

This is what I ended up submitting to the Artorder Challenge. The text submission divided the juror's opinions;

hmm i guess i am the voice of dissension on this topic, but i disagree, i don't think you should put type on pieces unless you want to be judged on the type as well as the art. in this case it would be fine to have done the blue framing because it is important to the layout of the bubbles, and have left it at that. 
Lauren Panepinto

I think it really helps sell the image as a book cover when you take the time to mock it up.
Jeremy Cranford

I particularly like the effort made for the cover layout. It makes for a very interesting graphic design.
Daren Bader

Next week - Asteria Nymph of the Stars.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dragon Tea

This was submitted to the online competition "Artorder Dragon World Challenge"
Medium - Watercolour and gouache on 300gsm watercolour paper
Size - 240mm x 265mm

Dragon Tea
I imagined a culture such as ours back in the Edwardian times when Orientalism and tea was really popular that traditional Chinese Dragons would be both the mascots and guardians of teas production and consumption. I also imagined that the Tea Dragons would be a ladies best friend, keeping the tea warm once poured, guarding a ladies secrets from gossipers, transferring messages to lovers and providing companionship.

This painting can be purchased here

2013 Front Room Portrait Show - Emily, Sophie and Cody

Here's 3 portraits I did for the 2013 Front Room Portrait Show, Emily and Sophie are my nieces and Cody is a friend of mine. They are available for purchase through my Etsy store. If you are interested in having your portrait painted you can contact me through my facebook page for a quote.




Update on The Little Mermaid

I just thought I would post a picture of my professionally scanned painting (admittedly the aquamarine is a bit more intense than the original but it's pretty close). This painting is now available for purchase through my Etsy store I also have giclee prints available at 8 x 10" $35 and 12 x 16" at $65.

Here she is :)