Monday, March 18, 2013

Asteria - Nymph Painting Process 3 of 3

Process 1 - The Thumbnails
Process 2 - Experiment 
Process 3 - Refinement of Ideas
Process 4 - Rough

These steps I skipped as I was painting this after having already painted 2 other nymph related paintings. You can see them here The Little Mermaid and The Water Thief.

Process 6 - Detailed Pencil Drawing

As you can see this image was not so tightly drawn as The Little Mermaid. I left the image simply drawn so that I could be a bit more free with the watercolour painting. Again I was deprived of a scanner so I had to use my digital camera to capture the various stages, please forgive me for the poor quality.

Process 7 - Painting Progress

Process 8 - The Finished Painting

Here's the finished painting as I submitted to the Artorder Nymph Challenge

I also did a more modest version of the above painting using my Wacom tablet and Photoshop (upon request from a viewer on facebook). It was pretty tricky trying to match the digital to the traditional, I think I did ok...

A few weeks later I decided to add some highlights in iridescent blue acrylic gouache, I was pretty happy with the result, but the only way to see the result is by angling the painting in the light. This brought back fond memories of my childhood when I used gold and glitter to paint unicorns, fairies and princesses.

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