Friday, March 29, 2013

Jarith and Brandi Portrait

As I explained in my last post (Creative Couple Portrait - Joni and Jethro) I missed out on having my work accepted for a commission due to it's style not quite matching the current style used by the client.

So in a last ditch attempt I tried to loosen up a bit hoping that the style would match up. Having now finished it I think that though it is good I think I have yet again failed to match their established style.

Below you will see the progress of the painting from drawing to finished painting. As the client required a key colour to be included into the painting I added the colour in Adobe Illustrator using a coloured pattern in the background. The pattern is not fixed however and depending on if the client chooses to go ahead with the commission the colour element may change.

I have also included a sample of the clients other covers so you can see the established style. Here's a link to the clients website Urban Walkabout.

Hopefully this time the response from the client will be positive - fingers crossed!

By the way the commission was to create a cover illustration for a city guide. This painting is to represent Fremantle in Western Australia. If you want to know more about Fremantle (a great place for fish and chips, coffee, art and the beach) click here.

Watercolour, gouache and Adobe Illustrator.

Here's the other covers from Urban Walkabout

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