Thursday, August 20, 2015

Convention Preparation - Health

This too could be you if you don't take care of your health!!! Photo credit David Mills
 Stay hydrated and don't eat junk food. (Unless, of course, you normally subsist on it.)
Wendy Martin

This is what you'll end up looking like if you eat too much junk food!!
Something which is not often thought about until after the convention is health. As artists we are always in such a rush to have the work prepared in time that we often forget this very important aspect. Conventions can be hotbed for germs and getting "concrud" will be inevitable unless you take some precautions. Here's some advice from some professional artists;

Health tips!! WATER. Hydrate like it's going out of style. Vitamins vitamins vitamins. Eat well (have snacks in case you can't get away for meals), try to eat as little junk as you can, try to eat healthful, SLEEP WELL. Pass up on 4 am partying if you're tired.
Tawny Fritz
Make sure you have everything you need on hand. 

 The best tip I've ever received was to bring a "MacGyver kit" filled with tape, packing tape, duct tape, pencils, pens, scissors, safety pins, paper clips, Aspirin, band-aids, etc.

Get yourself "kitted out"....
And now this is one for the ladies, so if you're a guy reading this be prepared for some girl talk...

If you’re a lady and it’s close to that time of month make sure you have what you need - tampons, pads, pain killers... I found out the hard way getting caught out with an unexpected period and no tampons or pain killers, I had to ask if someone had a tampon in the public toilets (there were no sanitary dispensers in the convention toilets and the nearest pharamacy was too far away to get to in a hurry) thankfully someone was able to help me out :) 

Not the kind of protection that will help at that time of month... though at least the cloak is red...

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