Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pathfinder Iconics - Lini

After getting a positive review from a Paizo Art Director at GenCon last year, I have finally got around to starting the Iconics she suggested, starting with Lini. The final is in pencil and ink on watercolour paper (which has a slight texture to it). I will do the next Iconic on a smoother paper to see the difference it might make. The Iconics will be in grey-scale first, then be coloured in Photoshop. 
I am also working on a Marvel character sheet having already done Luke Cage (70's version) and The Wasp (60's version). The character sheet theme will be a progressive chronology of their first appearance in Marvel comics. Look out for The Dazzler, she'll be posted next.

Lini and Droogami
basic sketch

tight sketch

final sketch with some inks

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