Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Revising some old art

Last year I had a go at paying tribute to Frank Frazetta with my own version of a warrior princess painted in watercolour and gouache. Recently I have been going through my art in order to put together different portfolios suiting the various requirements of the companies I am approaching for work. One of these companies requested black and white and grey-scale images. When I came across my old warrior princess painting I discovered the tonal range was terrible and a lot of contrast was lost once changed to grey-scale, so I decided to go about adjusting the contrast using dodge and burn tools, a level adjustment layer and a gaussian blur layer. I also fixed the horn on the right side which had been bothering me since I painted it (I have no idea how I managed to get that so off balance in the first place). The resulting process can be seen below. I find myself slightly happier with the grey-scale image then the colour one.... however there is something not quite right that I just can't put my finger on....

Original with automatic grey-scale
Grey-scale adjusted manually with levels and de-saturation layer
The final image with some added dodge and burn

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