Thursday, June 25, 2015

Convention Preparation (and Survival) For Artists

Ok so originally I was going to cover everything you needed to know in order to run a booth or a table as an artist at a convention within this one blog post. I asked a couple of friends if they'd like to offer any helpful advice or tips they could give towards this post... The response was HUGE!

So instead of tackling everything today, I shall be splitting up the posts to cover such topics as Booth Design, Print/Sales/Stock Preparation, Con Etiquette, Artwork Presentation, Health, Business stuff... It will be fun - I promise you! In the meantime if you need more information NOW than I recommend you check out the artist Kiri Ƙstergaard Leonard's blog she did a whole category on convention tips.  And now I give you some of the highlights I have come across so far...

Presentation Of Artwork:

many artists like to keep all their originals in a portfolio, we (Allen and Vicki Williams) like to have some matted and framed up on the wall to show people how awesome they would look in their house. 

Vicki Williams (wife of Allen Williams)

Booth Presentation:

“led lights to light up all of the art on my table drew customers to the booth like moths to a light. I'm never going to exhibit anywhere without using lights to properly display my art. For the giant 6' Dragon print I had behind my table the light really brought the piece to life and helped sell the massive print.” 

Crystal Sully


“Stay hydrated and don't eat junk food. (Unless, of course, you normally subsist on it.)”


"the absolute most important thing as far as both making sales and having a good time? Talk to people. Cheerfully talking to people, even if you're not feeling super cheerful, greeting people when they make eye contact, and never pushing sales on them, has been the biggest thing for me."


“I considered facebook a test for how my 3D printed jewelry was received, and all the positive feedback made me think I might sell out. So I put a lot of time/money into making a bunch. ...And I sold only a very small fraction at the actual show. I didn't even see some of the people who said they'd come buy one. Point is, start with small runs, likes/comments don't translate well.” 

Kirsten Zirngibl 

“And inventory! can we talk about inventory?! Have a starting inventory then take an ending inventory, that way you do know what has sold. Keeping count throughout the show is never perfectly accurate”
Vicki Williams (wife of Allen Williams)

Stay tuned for more to come!...

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