Thursday, July 2, 2015

Convention Preparation - Prints, Paintings and Displaying Your Work

Having small matted prints are great to sell to attendees according to Kirsten;

“This is because many attendees are traveling by air and want something sturdy they can pack in a suitcase.” 

(NOTE: she’s in America where they have great conventions all year all over America… sigh). She continues ;

“…mat the mini prints in precut 8" x 10" matts. Tell your buyers it's an easy size to find a cheap frame for. You can even use a postcard service for the printing, though make sure the quality is good.”

“We have done matted prints, loose prints and backed prints at our various shows. For us the loose print on backing board in a clear bag is the best.”

Vicki Williams (wife of Allen Williams)

"I have a flipbook of available prints and keep the copies under the table, bagged in crystal clear sleeves ready to go. I organize them with sticky note tabs popping out so I can just flip through."

Christine Mitzuk

 Consider matting, framing and hanging your originals for display. “To show people how awesome they would look in their house.”
Vicki Williams (wife of Allen Williams)

But when choosing what and how much you bring to the convention be careful that you don’t overstock. According to Kirsten Zirngib Facebook feedback doesn’t necessarily equate sales.

I considered Facebook a test for how my 3D printed jewelry was received, and all the positive feedback made me think I might sell out. So I put a lot of time/money into making a bunch. ...And I sold only a very small fraction at the actual show. I didn't even see some of the people who said they'd come buy one. Point is, start with small runs, likes/comments don't translate well. 

Kirsten Zirngibl

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